Recently Upgraded

This March we upgraded the Zend Developer Cloud to the latest version named Knockando.  One of the big new features that we added was the ability to choose between PHP 5.3 and 5.4 when creating a new container.  All DevCloud instances of Zend Server were upgraded to the newest version, currently 5.6.  Code Tracing control has been also been improved.  Additionally, several of the packaged applications were updated to their newest version.

Here is a small sampling of highlights for features or bug fixes that have been added in the new release.

PHPCloud's Most Recent Updates

A few days ago we upgraded the Zend Developer Cloud Technology Preview to the latest release which we codenamed Jura. We have been getting some great feedback from a good number of the people using and testing the system. We have been working very hard to give you the best development experience possible and your input has been quite valuable in helping us move towards that goal. So thank you for that and we hope to continue receiving great thoughts and ideas... not to mention bug reports.


Test-drive Zend Framework 2.0 beta 1 with Zend Developer Cloud

If you've been wanting to get first impressions of the new MVC implementation of Zend Framework 2.0, or get firsthand experience with what's coming up in ZF, but got too busy (or lazy) to set things up, we have good news for you.
Starting from today, the Zend Developer Cloud Application Gallery offers 1-click installation of a fully functional Zend Framework 2.0 Skeleton Application on your own clean, isolated, disposable and best of all free Cloud environment.


Today at ZendCon, we announced including the new Zend Developer Cloud. Welcome to our sandbox — a great way to get started and develop great apps. You can take a tour, request your invite, and start developing. There’s no installation, no need to build a PHP stack or spend time maintaining a PHP environment. You’re just a few clicks away from productive coding in Zend Developer Cloud, and it’s free.