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Deploy on IBM SmartCloud

IBM SmartCloud provides enterprise customers with trusted infrastructure and platform services which can be consumed via self-service (SmartCloud Enterprise) or via managed services (SmartCloud Enterpise+). SmartCloud Enterprise gives enterprise customers an agile and shared infrastructure in which they can develop new solutions and/or consume SaaS offerings which could include application services provided by the SmartCloud Platform. SmartCloud Enterprise+ gives enterprise customers a private and hosted infrastructure and/or platform which they can either leverage as an extension of their own Enterprise IT environment (client controlled) and/or augment their Enterprise IT environments with a set of robust managed services from IBM. is an agile cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) designed to provide rapid access to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environments, well suited for development and test activities and other dynamic workloads. 

On-demand Provisioning 

By using Zend Server on IBM SmartCloud, setup is a breeze. The pre-configured machine images enable you to provision a full-fledged, elastic production PHP environment in no time. On-demand deployment helps you become agile and quickly respond to changing business needs.


Automated Scaling and High Availability

Zend Server running on IBM SmartCloud provides the elasticity needed to support varying web traffic levels, while ensuring high availability by storing user sessions on multiple servers.


Application Monitoring and Diagnostics

Built into Zend Server are unique application monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, making troubleshooting quick and easy. PHP errors and performance slowdowns are automatically captured in a dynamic cloud environment, enabling you to identify issues and rapidly pinpoint root cause - without having to recreate problem scenarios.


Enterprise-grade, Secure PHP Stack

Zend Server consists of a highly reliable stack and provides optimal performance through multiple caching technologies. Users receive technical support for the PHP stack, ensuring every problem is quickly addressed.