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Deploy with RightScale

The RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack enables you to easily provision and manage your apps using Zend Server on multiple cloud providers, such as Amazon and Rackspace.


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On-demand Provisioning and Fast Ramp Up

Rather than spending time on installing and configuring the PHP runtime environment, you can now provision a clustered environment in minutes by using pre-configured RightScale ServerTemplates and Macros.  Bundled with RightScale premium on-boarding – a step-by-step path to deploying on the cloud –  you can quickly get started while following best practices developed jointly by RightScale and Zend.


Automated Scaling

The RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack provides you with the complete infrastructure required to address fluctuating web traffic. When system load increases, additional servers are launched. As demand decreases, servers are automatically decommissioned, while ensuring no user sessions are lost in the process.  


High Availability in the Cloud

The RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack provides fault tolerance at both the infrastructure level and the application level. User sessions are always maintained on multiple servers. When one server becomes unavailable, session data is automatically retrieved from a different server within the cluster, thus making the event completely transparent to end users. 


Application Monitoring and Diagnostics

Built into Zend Server are unique application monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, making troubleshooting quick and easy. PHP errors and performance slowdowns are automatically captured in a dynamic cloud environment, enabling you to identify issues and rapidly pinpoint root cause - without having to recreate problem scenarios.


Transparency and Portability

Ensuring freedom and flexibility, the RightScale Cloud Management Platform provides the ability to choose among a variety of data stores and cloud providers, such as Amazon and Rackspace. Choose the right cloud infrastructure for your unique requirements, whether that involves security and regulatory compliance, geographic location, special features, or pricing. Using RightScale with Zend Server you can manage and migrate your applications across clouds – public or private. 


Enterprise-grade, Secure PHP Stack

The RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack is based on Zend Server, which consists of a highly reliable stack and provides optimal performance through multiple caching technologies. Users of the RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack receive technical support for both the cloud management platform and the PHP stack, ensuring every problem is quickly addressed.