Amazon CloudFormation

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Deploy on Amazon CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation gives you an easy way to create a collection of related AWS resources and provision them in an orderly and predictable fashion. By using Zend Server on Amazon CloudFormation you get instant access to a rock-solid, elastic PHP environment while paying only for resources consumed by your application.


On-demand Provisioning 

Provisioning and setup of a true elastic production PHP environment is fast and trouble-free. Simply download an auto-generated CloudFormation template, which includes Zend Server, a database and a load balancer.


Automated Scaling and High Availability

Running your application on Amazon CloudFormation using Zend Server enables you to easily handle fluctuations in web traffic while maintaining high availability at all times. As load increases, additional pre-configured server instances are added. User sessions are always maintained on multiple server instances, thereby ensuring high availability at the application level.


Application Monitoring and Diagnostics

Built into Zend Server are unique application monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, making troubleshooting quick and easy. PHP errors and performance slowdowns are automatically captured in a dynamic cloud environment, enabling you to identify issues and rapidly pinpoint root cause - without having to recreate problem scenarios.


Enterprise-grade, Secure PHP Stack

Zend Server consists of a highly reliable stack and provides optimal performance through multiple caching technologies. Users receive technical support for the PHP stack, ensuring every problem is quickly addressed.