Manage with Zend Server in the Cloud


Zend Server enables you to run your application on any supported cloud infrastructure while giving you peace of mind that your end-users will always receive the short response times they have come to expect.



Blazing PHP Performance

Zend Server provides multiple technologies for improving application response times and minimizing resource utilization. Through PHP code acceleration, bytecode caching, full page caching and data caching, PHP applications provide snappy performance and a great user-experience.


True Elasticity

To get the full benefits of cloud elasticity, you need an application infrastructure that lets you scale up and down on-demand. Zend Server running in the cloud is the ideal solution for PHP applications that need to withstand fluctuating web traffic, allowing you to easily increase or decrease computing resources while ensuring no user sessions are lost.


Dependable Runtime Environment

Zend Server already powers thousands of web applications. At its heart is an integrated, Zend-supported PHP stack that includes Zend Framework. Built-in application monitoring and diagnostics let you quickly identify and troubleshoot issues without spending time guessing at root cause and attempting to recreate production problems.


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